5 Tips to Packing Light

Most people, especially women, struggle with packing light whether it’s just for a one night stay at some location other than their home, a weekend getaway or a vacation that will last more than a couple of days. Of course, it’s not just women. Some men also have the same challenge even though they are a minority of the population.

Packing light, I must admit isn’t for the faint-hearted. It requires one to be realistic with what they need whether it’s for a short stay or a long stay depending on the destination and activities planned. While suitcases are best left for long vacations, weekend getaways may just require overnight bags as they are simple and will limit the amount of stuff you bring for the stay. Below are some advice on how to pack light.

  • Avoid packing repeats

Have you ever packed your mini hair dryer only to get to your hotel or Airbnb and find out that they have one too and felt wasted? Yes, it happens. When packing, it’s important to check in with your hotel or Airbnb and be sure what they have before ending up with unnecessary stuff.

  • Be realistic when packing

Depending on where you are going and the activities that you have lined up, it’s important that you carry clothes and items that you will actually use to avoid wasting space in your bag. This is especially important for those who plan on buying more stuff when there. Also, ask yourself whether you will have the time to wear everything that you’ve carried. Don’t carry a pair of heel if you plan on staying indoors at night and by the beach during the day.

  • Make two lists

We know. Packing can be a hustle especially for a few days as you aren’t sure what to carry and what to leave. However, to solve this, consider making two lists. One list will have the clothing gear and daily essentials that you will need for the entire stay. On the other list, jot down the things you won’t necessarily need but think it might be great to have – extra reading books and travel candles fall in this category. Use the two lists to prioritize your packing. Ensure you begin with the essentials and then add a few extra items if you have room for them.

  • Pick clothes that can be matched

I find this as one of the greatest tricks when it comes to packing light, and it’s something most people do. Picking clothes that can be matched or mixed allows you to have several outfit possibilities and reduces the total number of items you need to carry. Overall, pack fewer bottoms and several tops of your choice that can be worn in different weather conditions and either during day or night time. If it’s summer, consider carrying more dresses as this makes your outfit choice quite easy.

  • Minimize your toiletries

This rule only applies if you are going for a short stay. You can bring the tiniest amount of toiletries that will see you through a day or two. However, if your vacation will last longer than a weekend, consider bringing more toiletries.

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