The Alexander Hamilton House is Closed

Unfortunately the Alexander Hamilton House is no longer open for visitors or customers.  We thank all of our long time customers and friends for their support over the past 18+ years.

Please visit our Cape Cod location here:

The website will continue to be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Plumbing Tips for a Garden Cabin

If you love nature, living in a garden cabin will tickle your fancy. The fresh air, the smell of flowers in the garden, the sound of birds and flowing water will keep you entertained. To make your stay more interesting, you need to ensure that the plumbing is done well.

Outside Plumbing

When living in a garden cabin, the plumbing outside needs to be protected from elements. This is especially true if you live in areas with extremes of temperature. Very high climates will crack plastic pipes and heat the water in metallic pipes while very cold temperatures will freeze water in the pipes.

Ensure that the pipes are well insulated to protect them and the water in them. Again, make the pipes strong to resist damage by animals.

The Drainage

The drainage system will carry water from both the cabin and the garden. The system needs to be kept strong with several pipes leading out of the cabin and out of the garden. The system also needs to be checked regularly. You can check the pipes yourself or hire a Staten Island Plumber to routinely check the drainage system.

In case of weak pipes, the drainage system will always be leaking. If you get a leak, call an emergency plumber.

Keep the Garden Clean

Autumn and Spring seasons will see a horde of leaves falling on the ground. Left uncollected, these leaves might clog the drains making life chaotic for you. Always collect the leaves and other debris or hire a professional cleaner to do it.
Doing these few things will keep your plumbing in good condition for longer.

Designing Graphics on the Go

Graphic designers can work from anywhere in this world, and that is the beauty of their work. Besides, it is fun creating ideas and actualizing them on a screen before sending them to clients. While it may take a while to develop graphic design skills and have well-paying clients, it is faster for someone who has a good computer and access to helpful resources. If you are traveling, a good laptop that is conveniently small yet powerful will allow you to design on the go. Here are a few things you’ll need.

Link Your Computers

You need to link your travel computer to your home computer. If you’re like most people, you love working on your home computer more than your laptop and why not, the PC is larger and might have a larger storage space. By linking your computers, you are able to send files to your home network so you can have a look at them later.

You might also need to have something from your home computer sent to your travel computer, and it becomes easy when they are linked. If you’re staying in a hotel or house where there is a good internet connection, your work becomes easy sending items to and from your home computer. If your travel is work-related, you can have someone connect your home computer for you.

Have a Good Home Computer

There are some tasks that you will not finish when on the go, but you can do them at home. While living in a hotel, design what you can on your laptop and send the rest to your home computer.
The home computer needs to have a good graphics card, enough memory on its hard disk and a good monitor. Monitors will determine the quality of the colors, speed of design and any attachments you can add to your computer. Check out the monitors on this site.

The home computer should be the mother of them all. However, if you do most of the design work in the office, ensure that you get a good office computer too. Then link all these computers.

Learn New Tricks

Just like in any other career, you need to keep learning new tricks to hone your graphic design skills. You need to network with other graphic designers and look at their work to get ideas. If you are designing on the go, your mind might not be settled enough for good quality designs, ensure you brainstorm before delving on a project.

Learn to use new graphic design software and get new ideas from all sources, including nature and ready graphics. Try different combinations until you have the best.

Start Designing Now

If you are just entering the graphic design arena, ensure you get a good computer with a quality monitor for home or office use and a good laptop for travel. Ensure you keep sharpening your skills and getting new ideas. If you are buying graphic design equipment, take your time and choose the best.

Transporations Options to NYC

Located in the Hudson Valley, The Alexander Hamilton House is just a short drive away from the heart of NYC.  Many of our customers will travel to and from NYC during their stays with us, and so we wanted to give a quick run down of the various transportation options available to them.  Please read below:

MTA Metro North

The most common form of public transporation is the Metro North railway.  It goes right into Grand Central Station, and the nearest stop is Croton-Harmon station, located at 1 Croton Point Ave, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520.

Taxi and Uber

Uber has quickly taken over as the primary way to get a regular car service, however there are many local taxis that know the area much better.  We’d recommend trying these out first, before going with Uber or another ride sharing app.

Limousine or Limo Bus Services

If you are truly traveling in style you might want to use a limousine service.  If you have a large group, a party bus might be more appropriate.

Party Bus Rentals of NYC is a decent provider, although do your own diligence when choosing a provider.

If you need inspiration on where to go, consider this article on the best party bus destinations from NYC, it has several really good ideas.